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How and what is medicinal cannabis oil used for?



After several decades of being demonized and criminalized, marijuana seems to be resuming its status as a medicinal plant, with qualities that allow it to provide significant benefits to human health and to combat various ailments.

This new trend has occurred thanks to the fact that in the United States the use of this plant for medicinal purposes has become popular and legalized in various states, a measure that is increasingly successful and approved by both patients and doctors. And also you are interested in using cannabis you can buy from any legit online dispensary or nearby in your local area.

When reading about the benefits of medical marijuana and the thousands of patient testimonials that you can find on the internet, you may have seen a reference on cannabis oil or CBD oil on occasion. Like other marijuana products, cannabis oil is starting to grow in popularity.

As a patient seeking information, you may have concerns about whether cannabis oil might work for your condition. After all, there are tons of positive testimonials on the web. Today we want to tell you real facts and help you understand the ins and outs of cannabis oil.

What is medical cannabis oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabidiol in the marijuana plant. As this CBD is already present in the plant as an oil, it is relatively easy for producers to extract it.

CBD can help patients with symptoms such as severe nausea, inflammation, seizures, mood disorders, and various pains. While THC causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana, Cannabis does not alter your mind at all.

CBD is found in the trichomes or resin glands of the cannabis plant. If you have seen a fresh marijuana plant, you will have noticed that it has little droplets that look like frost. This “frost” is actually the resin and trichomes of the plant.

Marijuana artisans use different methods to extract CBD oil from the plant, these are some of them:

The carrier method

The use of the carrier method not only saves the producer, but also produces the purest oil possible. The carrier method involves using an oil such as olive oil or hemp oil to extract the resin from a plant. In contrast, this oil made using the carrier method tends to have a shorter shelf life than other oils.

The solvent method

Extracting CBD from the plant using solvents like alcohol or butane saves growers money. Unfortunately, it is also the most risky for both the producer and the customer. Solvent-extracted CBD oil has harmful by-products and there is even the possibility of an explosion during production.

The decarboxylation method

Although it is the most expensive method and involves a complicated process, decarboxylation creates one of the cleanest types of CBD oil. Experienced professionals use carbon dioxide to extract CBD. If done incorrectly, decarboxylation can damage the terpenes in marijuana.

How to use CBD oil

As the basis for many types of cannabis medicine, CBD oil works as a versatile remedy for patients seeking natural relief. You can take CBD oil in the following ways:


You can find CBD oil as is in droppers. You can ingest the oil directly or add it to your food. You can also use it vaporized or smoked to get its effects noticed faster.


A classic remedy, tinctures contain drugs dissolved in alcohol. To take a tincture, use an eyedropper and place it under your tongue for direct absorption. Do not swallow immediately; allow them to absorb themselves as much as possible.


If you are faced with a chronic condition, you should already be familiar with capsule medications. Take a CBD capsule just as you would a capsule of any medication. Swallow it with plenty of water and preferably when you have food in your stomach.


Topical treatments include lotions, massage oils, creams, and immersion baths among others. Use the topical medication in the same way that you use other non-CBD products.


In rare cases where CBD is urgently needed, a doctor can use an IV to deliver CBD directly into the bloodstream. Don’t try this method at home; Only a trained medical professional should administer a dropper treatment.

The best way to use CBD oil will depend on why you are taking CBD in the first place. For example, do you experience muscle pain? A topical treatment can provide localized relief in the area where you apply it. In any case, it is best to consult a professional.

Is medicinal cannabis oil effective?

Since CBD oil contains pure CBD without the other components of marijuana, it will work for patients experiencing the symptoms that CBD works on. Health problems treated with CBD include:


Unlike THC, which can produce paranoia and nervousness, CBD calms the user, making it an effective remedy for anxiety disorders.

Seizures and epilepsy

Seizure relief is one of the most praised benefits of CBD. There are varieties of cannabis that contain high levels of CBD and that are frequently used to treat patients with epilepsy.

Immune system disorders / Inflammation

Most patients who take prescription drugs because they want their immune system to work well may find themselves with an inflammation problem. When these drugs work too well, they cause inflammation and can even kill healthy cells. CBD can suppress the immune system so that inflammation and lupus symptoms are reduced.

Countries that have officially legalized the use of therapeutic cannabis

In recent years, various countries around the world have begun to legalize the therapeutic use of cannabis.

United States . In some states of the United States, marijuana for therapeutic use is allowed. Among them Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico or Minnesota. Other states like California and Oregon also allow recreational use of this plant.
UK . Since the autumn of 2018, in the United Kingdom the prescription of drugs derived from cannabis has been legal.

Canada . Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001. But in addition, since October 2018 Canada became the first G7 country to legalize its use also for recreational use.
Peru . In 2017, the government of Peru approved the law regulating cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic use.
Colombia . In 2016, the Colombian House of Representatives approved the bill that regulates the use of cannabis for medicinal and scientific purposes.
Argentina . Since 2017, in Argentina, a patient who has a prescription from a registered doctor in the country, can legally access marijuana for medicinal purposes, although at the moment only two organisms can cultivate it.
Puerto Rico . In 2018 Puerto Rico approved a law that includes various diseases that can access medical cannabis.
Germany . Since January 2017, Germany has allowed the controlled planting of marijuana for medicinal use.

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